Antifascist leauge of Croatia and All of us for Croatia for all of us initiative are organizing walk of rememberance from Trg žrtava fašizma square in Zagreb to Central Zagreb Square, Trg bana Jelačića. Walk will be held on Sunday on 9th of November honoring the 76th anniversary of the Crystal night in Zagreb and Vukovar.

Program in Zagreb starts on Trg žrtava fašizma square at 12:00 and continues towards Central Zagreb square where a short film by Andre Salomon “Tell your children” will be shown.

In Vukovar, program starts at 11:00 on the Jewish cemetary.

On the 9th of November 1938. Europe has witnessed one of the most horrible crimes ever. Hate towards Jewish people has started series of events that culminated on that day, when Synagogues, Jewish homes and workshops, shops and schools were burnt and ravaged, Jews tortured and beaten. Nazi regime has taken away their right to travel, to learn, to work, it has taken their right to live.