PRESS RELEASE, March 13th, 2015



Dear all,

Allow me to in this way publicly apologize, to my associates and friends regarding my statement on Friday, March 13th, 2015. My analogy to referred social happenings in the current political situation in Croatia and the prosecution of Jews was an abrupt statement that my family and I deem completely inappropriate, and for this I am honestly sorry.

It was not my intention in any way to belittle, hurt or offend the victims of the Holocaust, a dark period of humanity’s history about which I know too much, and because of which I have dedicated my entire life spreading words of forgiveness and tolerance.

My associates in Croatia and in the world know that all I have worked for and achieved during my entire life, I have done solely from my heart and have been an eternal fighter for the rights of those who in any given situation were the most at risk, regardless of who they are. And although I have never in my life regretted following my heart, right now, in what is for me a turbulent time, afflicted with emotions, I have acted absolutely unsuitably.

I hope that you will accept my apology and my plea that I now retreat into silence, because for me the overall situation has been extremely traumatic.

With honest respect,

lustig potpis

Branko Lustig