Year after year, the Festival of Tolerance is growing and expanding, getting bigger and better, trying to enrich the well-known quality film program with different complementary contents and programs, such as various exhibitions,  with themes perfectly following the main messages of the Festival, educational mornings aiming to educate young people about the atrocities of the Holocaust, or numerous thematic discussions on important topics. A significant part of the program are music nights, organized with the intention of attracting younger audience and familiarizing them with different and somewhat lesser-known music genres.

The tradition of hosting high-quality performers is confirmed by acts from a number of prominent performers that have been a part of the Festival over the years – from Klezmer music, a genre with its roots in the traditional music of Eastern European Jews, which  has become increasingly popular over time, with its “contagious” dance rhythms creating a great atmosphere, to electronic music, and we can proudly say that we are the festival with the best program of this music genre!

This year’s edition of the Festival is following the already established tradition of hosting prominent and well known producers and DJ-s, but it is also introducing somewhat different rhythms. We guarantee that nobody will remain indifferent when they hear the music of a Romani trio from Hungary, Bogdan Norbert, Szénási Tibor, Rósza Béla, who will perform on Wednesday, April 15, in the Swanky Mint Hostel. The concert is organized with the support of the Hungarian Balassi Institute. The band is fascinating because all of the band members are self-taught musicians! Their unique sound of guitars and accordion is a cheerful fusion of the Romani tradition, jazz and songs of Balkan origins, and they will confirm the recognition of Romani music in the world music scene.

The Kibbutz Klub from Vienna will be the perfect ending of the Festival, performing on Saturday, April 18. The music night is organized with the help and support of the Austrian Cultural Forum. According to the Facebook page of the club, we can expect a mix of Israeli pop, mizrachi (modern oriental/Arabic pop/dance) and Israeli trash. Is there anything else to add?

The night dedicated to electronic music is indispensable. In addition to the good old CFSN DJ-s, a duo from Phillitchevanje, whose beats and rhythms have kept us dancing and on our feet long into the night before, Ogris Debris, Phon. O Clonius, Cid Rim, and KU/BO Stereotyp are just some of the names the performances of which we have had the pleasure of hosting, as well as our last year’s guest, the world known producer Joyce Muniz.

This year we are also hosting a Munich-based duo from the Bavarian capital, which has flourished over the last few years with the great new bass sound, largely thanks to DJs from Schlachthofbronx. They have worked with numerous names from the Global Bass scene, such as Major Lazer or Buraka Som Sistema, with singers from Mali and Costa Rica, Bavarian brass bands and South African rappers, and in 2010 they were asked to join M.I.A. on her European tour. With their power-packed rhythms of rave, dancehall, dubstep, bounce, and even traditional Bavarian music, Schlachthofbronx left the audience with happy, sweaty smiles, so if you are ready for the sound of bass, sirens and air horns, do not miss this performance, co-financed by the German Embassy.

More information on this year’s performers coming soon.