With the screening of “Exit” and a unique lecture “Liberal Judaism and LGBT” by Rabbi Nehama Benmosche on January 21 the second Festival of Tolerance in Ljubljana was completed.

Besides the rich film program, visitors Mini Teatree in Ljubljana had the opportunity to participate in discussions with guests such as philosopher Slavoj Žižek, director Udi Aloni, historian Oto Luthar and many others. Festivals “Educational Mornings” traditionally attract many visitors to the lectures with always interesting mr. Branko Lustig and mr. Mirko Ilic, whome were joined  in Ljubljana by prof. Frank Stern and Mrs. Erika Fuerst.

Festival of Tolerance continues in Ljubljana with an Seiji Kimoto exhibition, which opens in February at Gradska Hiža and a Video Conference on February 26th 2016 between Ljubljana – Zagreb on the subject ”The lack of marking / memorial to the victims of the Holocaust in Zagreb and Ljubljana”.