Taking Sides

direction: István Szabó

105 minutes

Saturday, 18.4.



Taking Sides is a gripping political drama investigating the responsibility of the individual within a dictatorship.
The true story of Wilhelm Furtwängler, arguably the most distinguished conductor of his generation, who is forced to face the American Denazification Committee. Although he is acquitted of all charges, his name remains tainted by his association with the Nazis.

After Hitler took over power in 1933, many Jewish artists were forced to leave Germany. Others went voluntarily into exile in protest. Furtwängler chose to stay. While helping to secure safe haven for many Jewish musicians, he at the same time served as one of the Nazi’s foremost cultural assets. The question of the artist’s political responsibility within a totalitarian regime remains open to this day – whether to stay and serve one’s own people or to leave the homeland.

Special Award, Hungarian Film Critics Awards 2003; Jury Prize, Valenciennes International Festival of Action and Adventure Films 2002; ADF Cinematography Award, Best Actor, Best Director, Kodak Award, SIGNIS Award, Mar del Plata Film Festival 2002; Best Director, Best Screenplay, Flaiano Film Festival 2002; European Film Award, European Film Awards 2001

István Szabó, director