Dreharbeiten “DAS BÖSE” in Hanau vom 25. – 29. September 2012, Produktion DocMovie, Darmstadt, Standfotografie: Christoph Rau

This year the Festival of Tolerance will host Oscar winning Austrian director Stefan Ruzowitzky who is coming to present his new movie “Radical Evil ” ( “Das radikal Böse”).

Ruzowitzky was born in Vienna where he studied dramaturgy at the academy. He begun as a music video and commercials director. He is known for award winning movies “Tempo”, “The Inheritors”,“Anatomy”, “Deadfall”, while in 2008 he won an Oscar for “The Counterfeiters” in the category Best Foreign Language Film of the Year.

In his documentary movie essay Ruzowitzky examines human affinities for evil as he asks “How did the normal young men become mass murders”? Nazis killed about two million Jews at the occupied SSSR territories.

This movie explains and accuses, all the while giving a lesson to present day society. The perpetrators were SS members who had killed two million Jews in the period between 1941 and 1944 on Nazi occupied territories.

This movie is a diary of a genocide: historians and psychologist were answering the questions, quotations were extracted, trial protocols were followed and historical facts were complemented with movie scenes. Famous psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton talks about “human potential of a man in evil”. Everybody has a potential to become evil, the question is when will it prevail. Lifton sees the solution in political culture that must show limits of behaviour to each and every one.

Stefan Ruzowitzky will present his movie at the Festival and readily answer all the questions from the audience. All screenings are completely free!