Program is intended for secondary school pupils (2nd, 3rd and 4th grades) and university students.


The program consists of:

- Mirko Ilić’s lecture on the topic “Symbols of Hatred”
- discussion with the pupils

We invite you to be a part of this exceptional lecture and, through the participation in discussion, contribute to spreading the tolerance and acceptance of diversity.


Mirko Ilić is graphic designer, illustrator and lecturer. In 1995, he established Mirko Ilic Corp. in New York, a multidisciplinary studio specializing in graphic design, 3D animation, motion picture titles, and illustration. Before arriving in the U.S., Mirko Ilic art directed numerous posters, record covers and books in Europe. In 1991, he was art director of the international edition of Time Magazine. He became the art director of the New York Times Op-Ed pages in 1992. With Milton Glaser, Mirko has taught advanced design classes at the Cooper Union and currently teaches master degree classes in illustration at the School of Visual Arts. He has also written several books. Recently he has been very active in holding the lectures on the topic of the symbols of hatred.


Mirko Ilic will hold a multimedial lecture. He will talk about the pervasive neo-fascist iconography in public areas on the territory of the former Yugoslavia and beyond. His lecture entitled “The Symbols of Hatred” discusses local and regional problem of public suppression or neglect of the graphic symbols and hate speech of neo-Nazi groups (skinheads, neo-Nazis and extreme soccer fans) which have recently strengthened, become larger and more violent.This lecture was held already in Zagreb (to an exclusive audience), Sarajevo and Belgrade.