The Door

direction: István Szabó

97 minutes

Friday, 17.4.



Based on the award-winning novel of the same title by Hungarian author Magda Szabó, The Door from Director István Szabó tells the story of two isolated women—each distanced from their respective worlds by vastly different circumstances—who forge an unlikely friendship over the course of their lifetimes. Set in mid-20th century Hungary, a country at the time still overrun by the effects of the war and buried under the lingering shadows of suspicion and mistrust, The Door quietly reveals the deeply complex relationship between the affluent, emerging writer, Magda, and the mysterious and distant housekeeper, Emerenc. As Magda marches steadily towards professional recognition and success, Emerenc retreats to the horrors of her past, leading to an emotional discovery with tragic consequences.

Nominated: Golden St. George, Moscow International Film Festival 2012; Romy , Romy Gala, Austria 2013