Holy land

direction: Peter Cohn

80 minutes

Wednesday, 15.4.



Holy Land is an unprecedented, multi-character documentary about a tumultuous year in the West Bank. The film zeroes in on the explosive issue of the Israeli settlements: its protagonists are both Israeli settlers and the Israelis and Palestinians who oppose them. They are idealists pursuing conflicting visions of justice, heroes or villains, depending on your perspective.

Director/producer Peter Cohn comes to the story with an outsider’s unaffiliated perspective, gaining intimate access to the lives of key players on both sides. They include an Orthodox Israeli settler, a young Palestinian journalist, an unconventional settler rabbi, and the progressive mayor of a Palestinian town. It is a cross section of the West Bank never seen in one film: right and left, secular and religious, from Hasidim to Hamas.


Previous Festivals: Seattle Jewish Film Festival, 2015; San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, 2014; UK Jewish Film Festival, 2014