The Genizah of Our Dreams

direction: Lidija Lida Hrgić

14 minutes

Wednesday, 15.4.



A Granddaughter living in the in the USA recieves a letter from her grandmother from Sarajevo, in which there is a roll of parchment tightly wrapped in nylon. Her grandmother explains that this is a blessing for the house , mezuzah , which formerly belonged to the family, just like the book presented to her at the last meeting of theirs. Grandma goes on to explain that the books are like people, and people are like books , and when their time runs out, they deserve to be buried with dignity. It was her grandmother’s last letter. The granddaughter was born in Sarajevo and there is so little she recals from her native country. She decides to return to Sarajevo in order to fulfill her grandmother’s last wish – to bury the book and mezuzah respecting the old customs .