PORGEL_Hemelrijk_foute nederlanders1

Decent Country

direction: Loes Gompes, Sander Snoep

60 minutes

Tuesday, 14.4.



Our documentary tells the story of Bob van Amerongen and Jan Hemelrijk, 16 and 22 years old respectively when the Germans invaded the Netherlands. After the summer of 1942, life became too dangerous for their Jewish fathers, so they arranged safe houses for them to go into hiding. It was the beginning of something far bigger. Bob and Jan were soon running a resistance group that, in the course of time, saved the lives of dozens of Jews. A Decent Country is a memorable portrait of this PP Group, which has remained unknown until now, due to the modesty of its members. And yet, several protagonists in the classic Dutch novel The Evenings by Gerard van het Reve were based on the members of this group.

World Festival premiere, Festival of Tolerance 2015