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Child K

direction: Roberto de Feo, Vito Palumbo, Giancarlo Sozi

23 minutes

Monday, 13.4.



Based on a true story. Pomßen. Saxony, 1937. Richard and Lina Kretschkopf are a young peasant couple living in a small house in the middle of German hills. Richard’s desire to have a child has grown to the point to become an obsession, especially after an event that has deeply affected him: the first Lina’s pregnancy ended up tragically. Lina appears anguished by increasingly obsessive and almost morbid behaviour of her husband, who began to build a cradle for their son that was not even conceived yet. Lina eventually learns that she is pregnant again: for Richard a new wait filled with hope begins. It will only be a bitter delusion that will put one of the most terrible events in history in motion.

Best Foreign Language Short Film, Best Directing, Aurora Awards 2014; Best European Short Film; Indie Fest 2014 ; Best Cinematography, IFFCA International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts (Los Angeles); Gran Jury Prize, Tirana International Film Festival 2014; Internet Award , Tirana International Film Festival 2014; OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: NASHVILLE International Film Fest 2015 (Oscar qualifying event), Athens International Film & Video Festival (Ohio) 2015 (Oscar qualifying event); RIFF Awards 2015 (Rome Independent Film Festival); Cleveland International Film Fest 2015 (Oscar qualifying event)